I got shouted at because I asked for help

You are funny.


I tried, I tried my level best to get across what I really meant to ask.


This might be a very rude way to put this across to somebody who is trying to ask for help. But, if you have a question, ask Google first. Is it really that difficult to comprehend? Every question that you have can be answered by Google.

Make it quick.

2. Asking an expert at times is the equivalent of the elevator pitch.

What? Like, Anish, what on earth are you trying to say? Do you know what an elevator pitch is? Basically, you have to explain your issue and ask the golden question in a period of 30 seconds to 1 minute. If not, you lose.

3. Nobody likes you or wants to help you. I’m lying.

When we approach someone asking for help, we are quite selfish in terms of positioning our mentality. Having grown up in a world where our mental state is negative by default, we are led to believe that negativity and judgement are the foundations of the world - corporate, startup or otherwise.

Your worth in people’s heads is a function of your own thoughts.

Do you like helping people and watching them succeed?

4. Excuses are excuses. A winner gets the task done.

Respectfully, I’m sorry that everything in your life is falling apart. Surprisingly (for you), everyone is going through tremendous difficulty every day and pain is no longer a surprise to the millennial generation.
There is more pain among us than pleasure.

Failures are aplenty, but, you only notice success.

Why is that? We recognize, try and help the individuals that have potential. They seem special? We all have that feeling in us - guilt, for the failures in life that could have been potential successes. Why does it affect us so much?


Don’t be scared to be shouted at. It’s a part of becoming the best faster. Nobody has ever gotten to the top without recognizing the value of being rock-bottom. Go ask your parents.

Claps for the young chap!



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Anish Mahapatra

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